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Co-Creating Conscious Leaders, Organizations and Communities


Seven Paths Consulting partners with businesses, organizations, governments, non-profits and individuals to help you define and achieve your vision and mission. We use the Seven Paths framework, simplified strategic planning, inclusive processes and over 40 years of experience to ensure your sustainable success.

The Seven Paths are a strategic model for achieving sustainable success.  Sustainable means that the success will last a long time and that we will act in ways that will not threaten our survival.  Sustainable is about taking the long term view and being sensitive to everything around us so that we can continue to survive and thrive.  Success is all about achieving your purpose.  Inherent in the meaning of success is the need for stewardship and caring.  We can not be successful (however we define success) if we do not take care of our basic needs and really care for ourselves.  Another key part of success is defining the essential factors that it will take for us to achieve our purpose.  Everyone has two or three unique factors that drive their success.  Defining and caring for those factors is a necessary part of achieving success.

The Seven Paths are also a comprehensive framework or model for understanding strategic leadership.  Becoming a leader is a lifelong journey that includes:

  • Being authentic and present
  • Energizing your relationships with others
  • Encouraging and taking right action
  • Being happy and encouraging a positive environment
  • Defining and following your purpose and mission
  • Being creative and visionary to move toward the future
  • Defining success and energizing others to achieve it


We would love to partner with you to reenergize you organization and/or to define and achieve your long term success.  Please contact us to further explore our abilities and your long term needs.